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Deluxe Vegetable Slicer - KC25

28.90 21.66 Quantity
Product code: KC25
Weight: 0.850kg

The One Touch™ Automatic Deluxe Vegetable Slicer makes salad preperation or vegetable preperation for cooking easy, fast, comfortable and all of this only with the push of a button. It never has been this easy to cut in 3 mm slices or julienne slices potatos, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, peppers, onion etc. Now you will have the perfect shaped french fries and perfectly sliced salad. With the Deluxe Vegetable Slicer you can cut almost every vegetable.

 The product works with 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Four AA alkaline batteries included.

Easy to use with battery operation and catch all the 
  slices into the tray directly
Interchangeable slicer blade and julienne blade, 
  prefect for slice and grate potato, cucumber, carrot,
  zucchini, bell pepper etc.
Dual plunger system avoids fingers accessing the
  moving blade
Easy to store and clean

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